PolyPortables, LLC. has grown tremendously since their inception date in 1972. As a global leader in the manufacturing of portable restrooms, hand wash stations, deodorizers and other sanitary products, the company expanded to a 64,000 square foot facility in their headquarters in Dahlonega, Georgia and an additional 12,000 square foot facility dedicated to manufacturing deodorizers.

In 2015, the demand for PolyPortable’s top-of-the-line thermoforming manufactured portable restrooms led the company to partner with 2 rotational molding facilities; Innovative Rotational Molding in California and Quality Holdings, LLC. in Hartwell Georgia.

Despite multiple locations to keep track of and a large customer base, PolyPortables was still using the old spreadsheet and highlighter method to keep track of their accounts receivable. All their future tasks, including upcoming collection calls, collection letters and invoice reminders were scheduled in Outlook. PolyPortables needed a more efficient way of managing their collections.


PolyPortables would manually send out emails to every customer who was anywhere from 30 to 90 days past due. The collections representative would look up every client’s account to see what supporting information was needed, such as invoice numbers or the last time the customer paid. After all the research was done, it typically took about 5 minutes to send each email. After using Lockstep Collect, PolyPortables took advantage of automated emails for their invoices, collection letters and welcome letters and saved 600 hours total.

“Since we’ve implemented the automation of the email reminders, 8,133 automatic emails have been sent out to customers,” said Ben Burford, Credit Manager for PolyPortables. “That’s 8,000 times our collection representative didn’t have to touch that customer, Lockstep Collect touched that customer for us.”


Without an online bill pay system, PolyPortables was doing what many other companies use in order to collect payment; mailed paper checks or accepting credit card payments over the phone. It was taking about 10 minutes per phone call in order for the representatives to find the client’s account, confirm amounts, write-down the credit card information and then keying in the information after the phone call. Although this is still an option for any of their customers who would like to use it, an overwhelming majority prefer using the online bill pay system available with Lockstep Collect. PolyPortables simply sends out an email to customers with a secure link that takes them to a customer portal where the invoice can be paid online. So far, they’ve seen over $1 million in online transactions since implementing the collections system and 22 hours of time saved.

“In today’s fast paced world, they don’t have time to necessarily stop and receive a phone call from us, so we’ve noticed we call sometimes and get ignored, no one answers or it goes to an answering machine,” said Burford. “Five to ten minutes later someone has paid their bill online from their company because no one wants to talk and be scolded, so they’d rather just go online and pay.”


In PolyPortables unique industry, credit policies are just starting to catch up and late payments tend to be the norm. Burford explains that since implementing Lockstep Collect, they have been able to establish a credit policy and begin training their customer’s to pay on time. Where the company used to be focused only on the customers who had the largest outstanding balance and the most days late, they are now focused on collecting from every customer.

Lockstep Collect’s prioritized actions tells the collection representatives who to contact in order to collect on the most accounts. As Burford puts it, “She’s dialing for dollars going through her list”. Since implementing their new credit policy, they have been holding their customers accountable for payments and putting accounts receivable best practices forward.

“This past year we were able to reduce our accounts receivable by over $1.5 million and a lot of that I attribute to this program, this software,” Burford said.