Accounting teams know how important it is to stay organized and keep track of the endless emails that come through each day. You need an efficient system that can help streamline the overwhelming task of sorting through and managing our emails from clients – and Lockstep Inbox has just released some major improvements! The Lockstep Team has made several enhancements to the accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) workflows built within Lockstep Inbox, including the ability for teams with a single shared inbox to leverage the power of Lockstep Inbox. These new features allow your team to easily assign emails, tasks, and conversations, streamlining communications and allowing teams of one or teams of ten to focus on their specific assignments. With these powerful new features, you can now manage your accounting workflows with fewer clicks and greater efficiency.

Accounting Workspace

Are your customer and vendor communications landing in the same accounting email inbox? Not ready to scale to separate shared inboxes for your AR and AP communications? Good news, Lockstep Inbox has now been updated to work with your accounting workflows! With the newly added Accounting Workspace feature, you can now enjoy the efficiencies and productivity enhancements of Lockstep Inbox, without the need for separate shared inboxes.

The enhanced Accounting Workspace allows you to easily manage all your customer and vendor communications in one place. You can quickly respond, initiate onboarding processes, leverage pre-populated templates, and manage all of your AR and AP documents in a single application, saving you countless hours each week. This means faster response times, improved productivity, and greater accuracy across your AR and AP workflows.

The Lockstep Inbox Accounting Workspace feature is designed to help businesses of all sizes easily manage their accounting workflows quickly and efficiently. With this latest feature, Lockstep Inbox is helping businesses take their accounting operations to the next level.

Full Email Thread

The latest Lockstep Inbox update includes an enhancement, pulling in the entire email thread into your replies. With this feature, you can keep track of past exchanges and easily navigate lengthy conversations. This not only brings transparency to your communications, but also streamlines workflows so that time-consuming tasks are completed much more efficiently. Get ready to experience the benefit of enhanced organization, improved collaboration, and faster responses through the innovative technology of Lockstep Inbox.

We are always striving to provide the best technology solutions for our customers. Our latest update is no exception – with features like Accounting Workspace and Email Thread Enhancements you can efficiently manage your customer and vendor communications in a single application.

We know how important it is for businesses of all sizes to have control over their accounting operations and these updates will help take your business processes up a notch! If you haven’t tried Lockstep Inbox, don’t delay, and start experiencing the benefits of improved organization, collaboration, speed, accuracy for your AR and AP workflows.