Farming is not a 9 to 5 job. Farmers are up early and work late. They don’t have the time to deal with the repetitive data entry, transferring data from a spread sheet to another system, returning calls and emails from unhappy customers with invoice disputes and the myriad of other details that come from using a manual accounts receivable system, or an accounts receivable system that is not integrated with their other software applications. Farmers need an accounts receivable software that is efficient and provides the tools for enhanced customer service, invoice dispute resolution and error-free invoicing.


An automated accounts receivable software should provide the capability to help avoid and manage invoice disputes arising from non-billing issues such as quality, product grade, spoilage and freight, and billing issues due to incorrect or incomplete information. Fewer invoice disputes and quicker resolution of disputes help to expedite invoice payments and increase cash flow.


Automated accounts receivable software should include capability to allow for the automatic populating of invoice fields from information previously entered in data files to avoid repetitive data entry and the opportunity for errors from incorrect or missing information. Less time spent invoicing and invoicing correctly the first time saves time and money and helps to increase cash flow.


The features of an automated accounts receivable software should include an online bill pay capability and live chat. With online bill pay a customer can self-serve and select invoices for payment through a secure on-line portal. Live chat allows the customer to contact you directly, which helps to avoid the wasteful use of time returning missed calls and emails. Both features help to expedite invoice payments and accelerate cash flow.


An automated online accounts receivable software should be capable of being seamlessly integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) software packages. Integration eliminates redundant and repetitive transfer of data from spread sheets to other software applications or repetitive data entry from a stand-alone accounts receivable software to another software package. Seamless software integration also eliminates the opportunity for incorrect or incomplete information on invoices and other documents. These benefits save time, money and help to accelerate cash flow.

Lockstep Collect is an automated accounts receivable software which can be integrated with major ERP software packages including Sage, Epicor and Oracle and farm specific software packages such as Farmer Office by Datatech, FarmBooks, Farmbrite ERP, Harvest It, Crop Broker ERP and more. Saving time for use in more important operations is critical to being a successful farmer today. Saving money and accelerating cash flow is what helps to keep a farmer in business. The right automated accounts receivable software can go a long way to achieving all three.