Most professionals in the accounts receivable department can feel like they’re drowning in work. Invoices continually go unpaid and the work to try and get those delinquent customers to pay continues to add up. Since a business never stops selling, this cycle of work for the accounts receivable department will continue to pile up, unless tactics change. One way to reduce the amount of work is by implementing an automated bill collection system.

An automated bill collection system, also known as automated accounts receivable software, has many different features that aid in helping collectors speed up payment from customers and increase cash flow. Below are just a few ways that it helps aid in these goals.


In the traditional sense of sending invoices and receiving payment, the actual payment part is often completed by the receiving business. Whether they are using a check or paying via credit card, if you have no online bill pay, you are required to complete the transaction. With a check, you are taking time to send it to the bank and process it, with a credit card you are spending time on the phone with a customer to get their credit card numbers and put it into your system. When you’re using an automated bill collection system with online bill pay, customers are able to pay the invoice completely on their own. Once they receive an email, they simply click a link and enter in their payment information on their own. That’s one step of work towards getting paid that you can completely eliminate, getting you one step closer to payment with less effort.


Among all the busy work that you may be buried in each day, it can be extremely difficult to remember exactly who you need to send invoices, collection letters or past due notices to. When using an automated bill collection system, these invoices and collection letters can be sent out automatically each month, decreasing work by eliminating the manual task of sending out reminders and invoices. The more often the reminders go out to customers, the more likely you will get payment quickly from customers.


One of the number one reasons a customer doesn’t pay on time is because of invoice disputes. Whether it is that they never received the invoice, or that it didn’t contain the right information, automated bill collection makes dealing with these invoices easier and less time taxing. The customer can live chat with you to let you know something is off, so you’re not waiting around for a week to finally find out there is a dispute. All you have to do now is simply resend the correct invoice to the customer via email and they can pay it immediately from within their secure customer payment portal.

Everyone is open to creating less work for themselves. By using automated bill collection, the collections process is made much easier by eliminating many of the previous manual steps. Once you reduce the amount of work that collections representatives are taking on, they can spend more time calling the most important and furthest delinquent accounts to collect what’s owed.