When you’re searching for any type of software on the internet, you often find deals for “free” software. These are, obviously, more appealing than having to pay a monthly subscription for any type of software. It’s easier to convince your company to allow you to use the software when they don’t have to invest in it. However, sometimes these offers for free software won’t fix your manual systems and will leave you back at square one.

This is especially true for accounts receivable software. Your accounts receivable is one of your most important assets in your business. You can sell as much as you want, but if you aren’t collecting on the money owed to you, you won’t have any cash flow to continue growing your business. The accounts receivable software you choose should help automate most of your manual tasks so you can focus on the most important task: getting paid.

Below are some reasons that free accounts receivable software can be misleading.


Although a program itself may not require your company to spend any money, the consequences of using a free program that is not personalized could cost you big time. This is because most free programs are subject to errors. When there are errors within the software, free programs usually do not have an IT company to help solve the software’s mistakes. The consequences of having data errors could be costly to making sure invoices are being delivered to the right contacts and all of the invoice information is correct. If a majority of the invoices you send out end up sitting in dispute due to data errors, you’ll actually add to the time it takes to get paid, therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in an accounts receivable software known for its accuracy and its support.


Many people mistake free accounts receivable software as being more user-friendly. This is a myth. Although the software itself may seem easier to use or say it is easier to use, this isn’t necessarily true. As previously mentioned, free programs are very standard, therefore, when trying to morph them around your company’s wants and needs things can get complicated. If a company is giving away their software for free, they likely don’t have much to invest in development towards improving the software for customer’s wants and needs. Investing in a management software that is appropriate for your company and industry is the simplest solution to accounts receivable problems.


Just because free accounts receivable software is easy to obtain it does not always mean it is good enough for your company. Many free programs lack the features needed to successful track and manage your accounts receivable. When investing in a software, you company will be able to have access to a handful of features that will decrease turnaround time and benefit your company’s cash flow.