Once you have sent out your collection emails with personalization, a catchy subject line and at the right time, your job isn’t quite over yet. You always want to be sure to follow up with the customer. If a customer still doesn’t pay after sending the first email, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they didn’t receive the email. Maybe they have been meaning to get in touch but is swamped with work. Following up allows your customer a second chance to pay on time.


Following up with the customer via email gives them another chance to see that their account is due. You may have sent the previous email during a busy time for them and it got pushed to the wayside. Additionally, they may have seen the email and simply forgot to follow up with you. By sending a second email, you have the chance to remind the customer again and confirm they received it.


This is the best method of following up with a customer after sending an email. The customer could very well have not received the email at all. Many companies have very strict email filters, blocking emails that could even be important. By calling the customer, you have the chance to double check that they received the email and ask them to add you to their safe senders list. If they did receive the email, you now have the chance to ask them why they have not sent payment yet.

One email is usually never enough to get a customer to remit payment. It is always good practice when trying to be effective through collection emails to follow up!