CHARDON, OH — Lockstep Collect by e2b teknologies was recognized March 22 as a Smart Business Cleveland Tech Awards winner in the category of Established Tech Firm. The Cleveland Tech Awards honored businesses who have demonstrated innovative business practices in order to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

e2b teknologies was recognized for their innovation in the development of Lockstep Collect. Where many other business software applications fell short for their customers, Lockstep Collect developers saw an opportunity to create an application that would use automation to fill those gaps. Most ERP and business applications don’t have a great automation piece for accounts receivable and they usually cannot automate the entire process, which is where Lockstep Collect comes in. Lockstep Collect automates the entire collections process, from automating collection and payment reminder emails to creating a prioritized workflow of who to call next.

Lockstep Collect automated accounts receivable management software helps companies more effectively manage their largest asset: accounts receivable.

Every action a collection representative takes is captured in Lockstep Collect. Accounting staff and management are updated with periodic alerts on past due accounts, projected cash receipts, pending online payments and more.

The software offers an online bill payment system, allowing organizations to give their customers a self-service payment tool, reducing the amount of time it takes to get paid. Users of Lockstep Collect have seen an average reduction in days sales outstanding of 20 percent.

Users can also save time by automating emails, such as collection letters, past due notices, monthly statements and invoices. This has collectively saved all the companies 2,500 hours per month. With everything it does, e2b Teknologies strives to ensure that all customers’ lives are made easier and more efficient by harnessing the newest technologies to improve business efficiencies.

The Smart Business Cleveland Tech Awards Luncheon on March 22nd was held at The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland. Attendees enjoyed networking, lunch, a Q&A panel and presentation of the Cleveland Tech Awards.

Lockstep Collect is proud to be selected among the honorees of the Cleveland Tech Awards for our continued innovation and product growth.