You don’t know much credit management software, you don’t know what it’s like to use, and you have likely never implemented it before. So it only make sense that you’d be concerned about how much effort it takes to get up and running. However, the complete opposite is true. These credit management software myths are simply keeping you from taking advantage of automation and collecting on unpaid invoices faster.


As long as you are looking at the right credit management software for your business, it won’t be difficult to implement. Each credit management software can work with different ERP systems. The right credit management software for you should be able to directly integrate with the system you are currently working with. Credit management software that includes pre-defined actions won’t be difficult to set up and get straight to collecting, either.


Since the advent of cloud-based systems, credit management software has become extremely affordable even for small businesses. Many credit management software systems are subscription based allowing you to pay monthly. You no longer have to purchase a dedicated data base for your business, which is a costly item. Some credit management software systems can be purchased for only $99 a month, which includes automated email, online bill pay, customer portals, phone call management and a lot more really useful and time-saving features.


The myth that credit management software is difficult to learn is especially not true if the software you choose has a good support team. Some credit management software systems have workflows built into it, allowing you to simply log in and start sending out automated email to customers that need to pay. If you need to change those workflows to fit a specific goal in your company, then a strong support team will be able to meet those needs.

A lot of these credit management software myths are based around a business that purchased the wrong software. It likely didn’t integrate well with their ERP, wasn’t intuitive to work with and didn’t have a support team that was willing to work with them to overcome any unforeseen issues. In order to avoid these mistakes, it’s important to do your research and find the credit management software that’s the right fit for your business.