The most time a collections representatives spends on manual tasks is crafting and sending out emails. Researching the customer, finding supporting documents, finding invoice numbers, writing the email and any other tasks associated with creating a collection email takes up time. With Lockstep Collect, emails are sent out automatically to customers based on a rule setup. Not just collection emails can be automated, but also new customer welcome emails, reminders and past due notices. Supporting documents, such as bills of lading or purchase orders, are stored in the system and attached to invoices when necessary.

Lockstep Collect users have saved up to 600 hours using automated emails when they no longer have to manually write and send emails to every individual customer. “Since we’ve implemented the automation of the email reminders, 8,133 automatic emails have been sent out to customers,” said Ben Burford, Credit Manager for PolyPortables. “That’s 8,000 times our collection representative didn’t have to touch that customer, Lockstep Collect touched that customer for us.”