Many view the accounts receivable department as a completely separate entity from the accounts payable department. Accounts receivable sends bills and accounts payable pays bills, they have different methods, deal with different people and do completely opposite jobs. However, this isn’t entirely true and there is a lot that the accounts receivable department can improve on by taking a deeper look at the accounts payable department and how they operate.

The accounts receivable department is successful at their job when the accounts payable department does their job. The accounts receivable department should be adapting their methods of collection to how the accounts payable department operates in order to collect as fast as possible.

Below are ways the accounts receivable department can learn how to best reach out to the accounts payable.


If you’re reaching out to the accounts payable department at your customer’s company and you don’t have an accurate email address, you will never reach them. Send as many emails as you want, your efforts are only worth as much as your data. Go through your data periodically and clean up your lists. Is the email address you have still valid? Is the same AP clerk still sitting at the desk you have the phone number for? Has their company moved locations?


You’re not the only bill that the accounts payable department has to deal with. If they have to jump through hoops to pay on your bill, it is likely you will be put at the bottom of the pile. Allow your customers to pay via ACH or credit card, on top of traditional methods like checks. When the invoice is due, include all the information they need to make a payment and a link to a secure portal where they can pay.


Again, you’re not the only bill they have to pay. Send the accounts payable department reminders that their invoice is due. Give them a heads up before payment is due so they can prepare the funds to pay it. If payment goes past due, give them a call and get it sorted out quickly.