Lockstep Collect (www.lockstep.io) today announces the addition of a Phone Call Management System within their automated accounts receivable software. The new Lockstep Collect Call Manager leverages integrated voice response (IVR) technologies to streamline the outbound and inbound call process of accounts receivable by recording, transcribing and posting back into the communication notes of Lockstep Collect.

Collection representatives can place calls to customer from within the Lockstep Collect Call Manager, which are then recorded, transcribed and stored in the system. If a customer calls the accounts receivable agent, the Lockstep Collect Call Manager prompts the customer with options to check their balance, review open invoices, check on recent payments, or to speak with a credit representative. The inbound call is also recorded, transcribed and stored. Every action a collection representative takes; email messaging, document capture, inbound and outbound phone calls, online chat and soon to be text messaging, is captured in Lockstep Collect giving complete visibility into accounts receivable within the organization.

“Technology is simply an amazing tool,” said Lockstep Collect CEO Bill Henslee. “Data storage and telephony services are more readily available than ever. It only makes sense that critical conversations such as collection calls should be recorded and transcribed so that they can be easily located and reviewed to improve the credit and collections process or to support legal actions related to the collections of bad debt.”

The Phone Call Management System extends the existing messaging system beyond email and live chat. It is available to current users as an add-on feature to the Standard and Enterprise editions of Lockstep Collect. Usage fees are nominal and based on call volume and transcription service options. Setup assistance is provided by Lockstep Collect as a turnkey option making the process simple for any business or organization. For more information on this and other features, visit www.lockstep.io.

“I believe Lockstep Collect is the first out-of-the-box accounts receivable automation system to offer pre-configured voice recognition and call transcription,” Henslee said. “We added it to help our customers save potentially hundreds of hours annually that were previously wasted preparing for, making, and documenting phone calls. Further, it makes our customers look much more professional to their customers with additional self-service features that improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, and profitability.”

Lockstep Collect (www.lockstep.io) developed by e2b teknologies is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables credit and collections management system integrated to popular ERP accounting software. Lockstep Collect is designed specifically for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms to streamline and automate the entire accounts receivable credit and collections process from invoice to cash. Available in four editions and five languages, Lockstep Collect includes invoice dispute management, cash forecasting, business intelligence, automated customer communications, online bill payment, and credit management allowing most companies to realize a return on investment in as little as two months.