Phone call management has proved to save time in accounts receivable. The system eliminates the need to prepare for phone call conversations with customers. Without an accounts receivable phone call management system, collectors may go through a list of customers and try to decide who needs to be called first. Then they look up those customer’s account information to find exactly what is due, what the invoice numbers were, how much has already been paid and more. After all this has been done, collectors have probably already spent five minutes on each call, before even making it. Once the call is made, the collector then needs to take note of what had been discussed and schedule a follow-up phone call, if needed.Accounts receivable phone call management eliminates a lot of these preparation and follow-up steps, allowing for phone calls to customers to be a much shorter process. Below, we highlight the steps to take in order use the Lockstep Collect phone call management system to illustrate how much easier making accounts receivable phone calls can be.

How it Works
Outbound Calls
  • Create a New Communication with the Customer
  • Select the contact to call and click the “Make a Call” button
  • The automated Lockstep Collect Call Manager makes the call to the customer
  • Once the call is completed, the automated Lockstep Collect Call Manager ends the call and marks whether it was successful and whether a follow up call is needed
  • A recording and transcript is saved in this customer’s communication notes for future reference
Inbound Calls
  • When a customer calls, the automated Lockstep Collect Call Manager answers the call and ties the phone number to an existing account
  • The automated Lockstep Collect Call Manager prompts the customer with 4 options: Balance, Last Invoice, Last Payment or Speak with an Agent
  • If the customer chooses to speak with an agent, the call manager connects the call to the appropriate collections representative. If the agent isn’t available, the customer can leave a voicemail
  • When the call is ended, a recording and transcription is attached to the customer notes with every action they took on the call.

All in all, a majority of these steps are taken by the automated Lockstep Collect system. All the collection representative has to do is make the call and have a conversation with the customer. If a customer calls in, sometimes the collection representative doesn’t even need to speak with them. This allows more time to spent on the accounts that must be collected, instead of spending your time answering phone calls wondering what their outstanding balance is.